He tries to rescue aggressive dog chained to a fence, what happens next is truly remarkable

The dog was chained to a fence and acting out of control…Simply amazing!


The video below is titled Alex: Off the Chain.

An animal control officer contacted this man about a dog that was chained up to a fence for most of his life. The dog wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him, not even his owner.

According to Peta , a well-known veterinarian and columnist Dr. Michael Fox, “Dogs are pack animals and need frequent contact with their own kind or with human beings.” Dr. Fox writes that for dogs who have spent much of their lives in a back yard, “the chances are high that [they] will become overexcited when [they’re] with people. Long periods of social deprivation … can make a good-tempered dog quite ill-tempered.” As a result, “Dogs do bite when they become overexcited. It’s as though they don’t know what to do with all their pent-up energies.” This may explain why some chained dogs—who are used to being alone—attack when they are finally approached, even by a familiar face or a family member.

The man arrived and the dog immediately began barking and lunging at the man. The dog was chained to the fence, and with patience the man was able to control the dog with a leash. The dog was finally released from his chain. Watch the video to see what happens next. Sometimes all they need is love.