Christmas Advert: This one comes with an important message!

You must have one of our pets this Christmas to understand what is going on!

To reduce loneliness among seniors in the United Kingdom, Nimbus Beds made a touching ad to increase consciousness. The ad starts with a senior sitting in a chair alone at home.

He was staring at an old picture of him and his wife, ringed by a lot of clocks, and past him, there was a Christmas tree.

The following day while he was reading a book he heard someone knocking on the door. When he opened the door, a dog with a bow tied on his back was waiting for him. And what a surprise it was for the old man!

Immediately the two of them become best friends and told the dog his life story, everything changed for that man, he started to enjoy life, and he even started to smile more.

The two of them would watch tv together, play chess and even go on long walks together. In the evening the man tried to let the dog sleep on his own bed.

A while after, the dog get used to sleeping on his owner’s bed, and that’s when the man decided to go online and buy a new mattress for the dog. The new mattress was placed right next to the senior’s bed on the floor.

The dog was happy and agreed to sleep on his new mattress. However, in the morning, the man would come down to snuggle with the dog on the new bed.

This is one of the best Christmas ads I have seen, it was just wonderful!

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