14 people stand on stage with their heads down. When they look up and start doing THIS? Stunning!

Have you ever seen dancing like THIS?

Have you ever found yourself tapping your feet to the beat of a catchy tune? If so, you might just appreciate the art of clogging, a dance style with roots similar to tap dancing. Clogging, a truly American dance form, stands out for its rhythmic and percussive qualities. It’s not just about the steps; it’s about creating music with your feet. The energy at clogging competitions is electrifying, with dancers stomping and clattering in a spectacular showcase of skill and excitement.

The Clogging Champions of America Showcase

Back in 2015, the Clogging Champions of America threw a showcase that was nothing short of phenomenal. Picture a stage alive with the sounds of shoes hitting the floor, a rhythmic symphony created by incredibly talented dancers. Among the stars of the show was a group called “Tap This!” Their impressive moves and synchronicity left the audience in awe, proving that clogging is more than just a dance; it’s an art form.

“Tap This!” isn’t just any clogging group. These guys take clogging to the next level. At the 2015 showcase, they participated in the moving line category, a complex and dynamic form of the dance. They performed to the popular song “Uptown Funk,” and let me tell you, they brought the house down. Their performance was a blend of precision, energy, and sheer entertainment.

What’s really remarkable about “Tap This!” is their dedication to spreading the love for clogging. These 14 members don’t just stick to one place; they travel across the United States, showcasing the beauty and excitement of clogging. Their efforts have been crucial in introducing this unique dance style to people all over the country, making clogging more than just a niche art form.

The 2015 Clogging Champions of America Showcase was a memorable event that highlighted the sheer talent and passion for this dance form. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to dive into the world of clogging and experience the rhythm and energy for yourself. The future of clogging looks bright, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of dancers like the members of “Tap This!” So, why not give it a try? You might just find yourself hooked on the percussive beats and lively spirit of clogging.