This Iconic Rock Song Has Been Covered Many Times, But Not Like THIS. Unbelievable!

“If you listened to this video with your eyes closed you would thing that there are at least two guys performing this song, but in reality it’s only one, amazingly talented guitar player and multitasker.

Source: Youtube

Luca Sticagnoli arranged Guns’n’Roses classic Sweet Child of Mine for two guitars but, get this, he’s playing both of them at the same time. He uses one hand on each on them and even uses the guitars as percussions. I’ve never seen anyone play like this.

It’s so mesmerizing to watch, you would think it’s easy. Would love to see him play with this dude.

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Source: Youtube

I’ve never seen anyone play like this. WOW!

“There are guitarists that are good. There are guitarists who are excellent. There are guitarists who could be considered geniuses or virtuosos. Then there is the type of guitarist who demonstrates such an uncanny level of skill – such a prodigious amount of talent – that you think that he is not human. This sort of guitarist is on such a level, with his creativity and dexterity, that he makes you reevaluate your worth as a human being. Luca Stricagnoli is that type of guitarist. His playing, as demonstrated here, is nothing short of a superpower in its own right. I stand in awe of you sir!” Source: Youtube/Candyrat Records

Watch the video down below and don’t hesitate to share this amazing talent with your friends and family…