He Starts Filming His Dog Digging At The Beach. When She Uncovers THIS …Unbelievable!

This guy recording his dog at the beach cant believe his eyes when she wont stop digging, until…


Some dogs are so friendly that even when there’s no one around they would dig up some friends! The funny thing is that we don’t even mean that metaphorically! Sheila is a beautiful pooch who literally digs up her friends. In this video clip we see her at the beach of Guanico in Panama trying to find someone to play with. For lack of a better company she decides to find some under the ground.

She starts to dig up a hole in the sand and suddenly a crab jumps out! Quite a big one too! We bet that from the crab’s perspective, Sheila wasn’t as cute as she is to us! The miniature creature raises its pincers, ready to charge! But Sheila never intended to hurt the poor thing, she is a very gentle pup! She just wanted to play with it. You have to watch this.