Homeless Dog Nurses An Abandoned Kitten. This Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

We all know how compassionate animals can be, but every once in a while comes a story that manages to surprise even the biggest animal lovers. What happened in this ravine in South Carolina is so amazing it reached national news and everyone should know about it.

It’s a story of an abandoned kitten and a tiny Shih Tzu who saved it in the most amazing way. Animal control believes that the dog found a starving kitten and was able to nurse it even though she had no puppies of her own. It’s a condition known as “pseudo pregnancy”, the ability to lactate without actually being pregnant and it develops in extreme situations when female experiences strong empathy and  maternal instinct.

The unconventional family was found after a local resident reported loud barking coming from the ravine, cries coming from a mom desperate to save her adopted baby.