This policeman have a magnificent relationship with his dog, you won’t believe what they can do until you see them.

The video started with a man and a dog on the stage of an audition the man asked one of the judges to write down something on paper and keep it to himself, then he asked him to climb the stage and show the word he wrote only to the dog while the other men are closing his eyes. And this when everybody got shocked the man spontaneously asked the dog “can you tell me what is the word” and the dog Finn just leaned to the man’s ear and tell him the word exact.

After that, they showed on the screen the sad story about Finn the police dog who protected his partner from death by risking his own life and doing surgery to stay alive thanks to a group of vets Finn make it back, and here it is on the stage today showing us how good and cute he is.

In the end, the police officer shows us the one last trick with Finn that left all the audience speechless by knowing a word by putting it on his collar while still at home. This video is about a true friendship between a man and a dog which became so strong the point that they can communicate together easily.

This audition made us laugh and cry at the same time, and that shows how pure the love that the police officer and his dog partner got.