Old Man Goes To Visit His Elephant After 15 Yrs…But What The Elephant Does Next? I’ve Goosebumps!

Elephants are one of the most terrific animals on the planet. they’re type, sympathetic, clever – the list goes on. I am positive all of you’ve got heard the antique announcing “an elephant never forgets”. if you had any doubt over that assertion, this video is going to lessen all of it!

Charlie Franks and his spouse Madeline followed Sunita while again in 1995. This beautiful Asian elephant become best 5 years antique at that point. They lovingly referred to as her Nita and she or he was their “simplest baby”. Charlie commenced training her, he delivered her to parades, television shows, and other activities as properly. Many circus animals are abused and mistreated in recent times, however Nita received not anything but love from her family.

However as times modified and Charlie grew older, he determined to provide his daughter a better domestic. He donated her to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, CA., on account that she changed into not able to go back to the wild. inside the following clip, Charlie visits Nita in the park after 15 lengthy years. He was eighty at the time. He knew he had especially much fewer days to stay, so he didn’t need to depart without a farewell to his most effective toddler.