Elephants Squashing Pumpkins: This is so satisfying to watch!

If you are looking for a satisfying video with crunching and popping sounds then you are in the right place. This video took place at an Oregon zoo where they gave elephants some pumpkins as a treat however they got kicked, munched, and stomped in the process.

The zoo collected the biggest pumpkins they could find just to give them to the elephants to celebrate the fall season. The pumpkins are so heavy but look at how easily these elephants are kicking them. They took turns to push and crush them with their trunks and feet as well as eating them as a snack.

The video is full of crunch and snaps noises so it is pure satisfaction for the viewers. The elephants are shredding the pumpkins to pieces using their trunks and when they look towards the camera you can notice on their trunks smears of orange pumpkin.

You can see how strong an elephant can be and it is so intimidating, although its power is equal to its cuteness. Just look at them enjoying a nice tasty treat on a sunny day.

People who watched the video compared the sound of pumpkins with the sound of a bubble wrap sheet when they hear the popping sounds. Others noticed that the elephants love to burst the pumpkins more than eat them.

Viewers are happy seeing the elephants happy and enjoying their day and their meal. It is crazy how can animals bring happiness just by doing their own thing.

Looking at the number of views that were reached, we can say that everyone is in love with elephants.

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