You have to see this hilarious dad and son conversation caught on the doorbell camera!

After getting a notification on his phone, this dad was shocked by who was standing at the door…

Sometimes, our kids surprise us by how smart they are. Obviously, they are not as smart as a teenager but they love to learn something new every day and every moment. They mimic what adults do in situations they can’t handle.

In today’s story, exactly in Michigan, “Baby Gracie” went with his mom to a neighbor’s house, after a while he wanted to go home however his mother still talking to the neighbors. Knowing that she is headed home too in a couple of minutes, she told her son to go ahead and made him memorize the instructions to turn on the tv and watch the kids’ channel when he gets home.

When he arrived home, Baby Gracie noticed that he forgot how to put the kid’s channel on tv. So he ran to the front door.

His dad has installed the ring doorbell service technology on the door. Live video and audio will be sent directly to the owner’s smartphone if someone steps in front of the door.

The kid knew that if he stand at the door he can talk and see his dad. And that’s exactly what happened, his dad got notified and opened his phone that’s when he heard his son screaming: Dad? Dad?.

The dad anxiously picks up wondering what happened to his son and why is he using the doorbell service. After hearing his dad’s voice, the kid smiled and asked “How do you turn on the kids’ channel? In the house. Do you know, Dad?”

The father couldn’t help but laugh however he tried his best to help his son. Surprisingly, this video was watched on Facebook by 200.000 plus people. After ending the conversation with his father baby Gracie gives a lot of kisses to the doorbell camera.

This is surely a fun conversation to watch, it really shows the bond and love between a father and son.

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