She Says She Lives In A Cave With Her Husband. When She Shows The Inside? Unbelievable!

She lives in a cave with her husband like an uncivilized person, but when you see its interior …ASTONISHING!

Cathy and Randy bought a nice patch of land in Arizona hoping to build their dream home there.

But there was one problem. The land was too steep to build a house on. While Cathy was out exploring their property one day, she heard a big explosion nearby.

It turned out their neighbor was a mining engineer and was blasting a mountain to create a cave home.

Cathy and Randy soon realized this was the solution they have been waiting for, so they employed their neighbor to create a cave home for them as well. Their 2,568 square feet house contains a living room, dining room, a kitchen, and a loft bed.

See their amazing cave house in the video below.

The whole home looks pretty incredible, but the indoor freshwater spring blew me away.