Dad Plays Baby A Lullaby. The Cuteness That Follows Is Enough To Make Your Heart Explode!

if you haven’t seen this video, please watch out, it’s going to melt your coronary heart with its cuteness and set the bar of desirable fatherhood so high no dad will ever attain it.

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Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

This dad had troubles getting his toddler to fall asleep, but happily he had a keyboard available and the tune that could just do the trick.

simplest sixteen seconds in, it was glaring that his techniques was running due to the fact the baby made we’ve got probably the cutest moment in YouTube records. beautiful track, adorable toddler and one amazing dad, it’s no surprise it went viral.

The cutest moment in YouTube history? We certainly think so! Awww…

“If we all had fathers like this man, there wouldn’t be any wars…” Source: Youtube/David Motola Music

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