Machine Gun Woodpecker: A Bird with a Strange Pecking noise

These birds are called the northern flickers and they can move their heads 25 times in a few seconds to make a noise just like a machine gun.

We as humans, can’t understand the behavior and the attitude of most animals, and find it a bit odd, however for them it’s totally normal and it’s part of their life.

The one kind with the strangest behavior, who is on top of the animal league is definitely the woodpecker. Just look how they pound their head back and forth repeatedly into trees without any hesitation and at full speed.

Speaking about woodpeckers, and precisely in North America, there is completely another type of these little bird known as the Machine Gun Woodpeckers or the Northern Flicker.

Bizarrely, their males would hammer their heads into metal objects to make a machine gun sound. They do that to make themselves attractive to female birds.

The Machine Gun Woodpecker makes us learn so many things we can’t see about our environment. Things like we need to protect them by taking care of our environment.