The poor Baby is Totally confused when he met Dad’s Twin, His Reaction… OMG!

Is it me or everyone else wished to have a twin sibling growing up? You can only imagine all the tricks and the fun stuff you cloud do together. However, on the internet, there are so many videos and stories about twins that it is fun to watch.

In today’s video, a father and his little kid are about to meet the dad’s twin brother and the baby’s uncle. Can’t wait to see the reaction of this little kid, priceless!

The cute baby is totally confused, with the dad and uncle wearing their glasses at the same time, he can’t figure out who is his real dad. It is completely hilarious and even with no glasses, the toddler can’t point out his father.

The dad and his twin brother seem to enjoy the baby being confused and honestly, it is very cute. This beautiful little baby doesn’t know where to go anymore. My gosh, this is so sweet and cute…

Please watch this clip below, I can assure you that you will enjoy and laugh at this poor toddler expression.

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