This horse was just born and already an internet sensation! Just wait until you see why!

Get ready to meet a star who is breaking the mould in the most adorable way. Say hello to Microdave, a miniature stallion who is sure to turn heads and steal hearts with his tiny size.

How cute are miniature horses when they are fully grown? What about when they are less than 2 weeks old?

Welcome to the World of Tiny Horses

At birth, this American stallion was an incredible 12 inches tall. Now that’s what we call tiny! His small stature won him the title of Britain’s smallest horse, making him quite the sensation in the horse-loving world.

To put that in perspective, that is the same height as a 2-liter bottle of soda. Watch him prance around with his mom and a fully grown yellow Labrador retriever. He is barely taller than the yellow lab!

Microdave: A Miniature Stallion with a Big Title

Microdave may be a miniature horse, but his impact is anything but. With just 12 days under his belt and standing at 18 inches, this horse is rewriting what it means to be small.

The Journey of a Tiny American Stallion

Even in the sprawling pastures of Britain, Microdave stands out. Born an American miniature stallion, he made his way across the pond, quickly claiming his place in the spotlight as Britain’s smallest horse.

Microdave: Tiny Horse, Huge Adoration

Microdave isn’t just any tiny horse. He’s the holder of a title that has endeared him to hearts worldwide. Even at a tender 12 days old, his charm is undeniable.

In conclusion, Microdave’s story is about embracing the beauty of being different. He’s not just any American stallion or a miniature horse, he’s Microdave – the teeny-weeny horse with a great big title. He’s just the right blend of small and cute, making him the most adorable tiny horse around.