This serviceman just started to sing, however, you won’t believe what his friends did behind him! Unbelievable!

Military men go through a lot of hardships, first of all, they are risking their lives every day to save our lives, second, they can live without their families and friends for a long period of time, not to mention going through hell and back every single day.

This accumulation can cause you some serious mental and physical issues. However, in this video, we are going to see how these soldiers lose tension, amuse themselves and have fun.

I can tell you now that this video will make you smile just watch this, this group in the video is an all-American troop called 82nd Airborne Chorus from Fort Bragg, New York City. It was the year 1964 that they originally formed. Their gather in this video to perform “ here we go” with a lot of strength and deep voices.

Just watch the video below if you want to have a good day and share it with your family and friends.