Everybody Thought It To Be A Typical Foal. Except When The Camera Zooms In? You’ll NOT Believe THIS!

Besides for her shaky legs and her body defying standard horse senses, Jazz, the tiny horse, exhibit no sign of pregnancy. Otherwise Linda, Jazz’s owner knew that she was pregnant. So, she look after her as needed. But Linda and her husband Jim were totally confused  when Jazz gave birth to a foal.

Therefore both her dad and mom were mini horses, Linda and Jim knew that Jazz’s baby Hope would be born tinier than average. However, they were not expecting Hope to be this small. Hope cinched  the world record for smallest horse ever born with a weight just 13 pounds at birth. 

Although, Hope was born little, she is said to have a very brilliant future. Linda wishes to train Hope to be a therapy animal in her non-profit organization Mini Hooves of Love.

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