He Was Devastated When His Dog Was Stolen. 7 Months Later, He Sees THIS On Social Media…

Stolen dog reunites with owner after 7 months, kisses him more than you have ever kissed anybody

New Zealand is the first country that has legally recognized animals as ‘sentient’ beings, which means beings that have feelings. Other countries have not yet taken this step. What New Zealand did is just a legal confirmation of what animal owners and animal lovers have known forever. Do you need proof? Take a look at Maryjane!

Maryjane has stolen from her owner seven months ago. But she would have none of that! This beautiful pooch took decisive steps to go back to her original owner and escaped! Along her way she was picked up by a pound and was taken to an animal shelter. The volunteers working at the shelter immediately posted pictures and videos of the dog on social media! The original owner saw these and recognized his beloved friend Maryjane! What a testimony to the power of social media!

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Source:Youtube/m moot

Now we come to the important part. Just look at Maryjane’s reaction when she sees her owner for the first time after seven months! She jumps on him and starts to kiss him frantically! She is so euphoric that she almost climbs on the top of his head! Looking at her smile and her teary eyes, one has to say conclude that she definitely loves this man!

Awww! That is really beautiful…