This tiny Yorkie pup attempts to demonstrate his barking abilities but it turned out to be the most adorable thing.

The Yorkie started barking, and I started dying. That was quite literally the cutest thing I’ve ever heard or seen.

Feeling endangered most animals will try to be vicious and strong by lifting their backs or tails, or by shouting very loudly. Surprisingly this technique works on even bigger animals.

However, in this video below these little puppies are too small to frighten anyone by using their bites and barks, and they are trying their best to scare everybody. Technically they can’t scare you they are approximately 3 weeks old, you can just laugh at how hard they’re trying to be scary. But unfortunately, they will not stay this cute for too long, just a couple more years and they will frighten the hell out of anybody.

In the video, a bunch of Guinea Hens invaded the neighborhood, and that is what caused the chaos. All puppies started to panic and bark loudly to show that they have what it takes to defend themselves, however, their efforts just showed that they are the cutest thing in the world.

Just a reminder: if you want to adopt, make sure to look for your nearest shelters. There are plenty of cute puppies and even big dogs that you can adopt. You can just make a new home for a little pup or a cat. In the end, make sure to watch the video it will definitely put a big smile on your face. Just look how cute these Yorkie puppies are.

I feel better now that I’ve had my daily dose of cuteness.

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