This duo performed « The Prayer » like you never heard it before!

Andrea Bocelli is one of the legends in the music industry, Celine Dion is one of the few lucky artists who managed to sing with him on stage and today the turn is for Katherine to do it. Their voices are completely the same, it’s like there is one person singing.

The song called The Prayer which at first was performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli is an amazing song that has scored millions of folks in the whole world. Their version of this song has gained a lot of popularity and a lot of artists made a cover of this masterpiece. Everybody knows that the best version of this song goes to Celine and Andrea however, today’s performance is a bit special and astonishing.

This young lady is Katherine McPhee, she is a finalist on the 2006 season of American Idol. But today she is here as an incredible actress and an amazing vocal artist. On Las Vegas Mandalay Bay stage she performed “The Prayer” with the icon Andrea Bocelli.

This big concert was made by David Foster, he manage to call a bunch of famous songwriters and producers and prepare a list of a lot of songs then invites some artists to perform those songs. And when you hear a song like that you can’t help but respect this man’s career and success.

At first, Andrea started the song alone and after a couple of seconds, Katherine hoped in and showed us how beautiful their voices are when combined together. The two together on a stage are a powerful musical force that no one is able to top, their voices will definitely touch your heart and soul.

The goal of this main event is to create songs that will last forever and that listeners will remember in the long run and this song right here just brought a lot of people together, there is no denying that music is magic.

“I love Celine’s rendition, but Katherine’s just touches me in a certain way. Love their voices together!”

Katherine is not like other female artists who I’ve listened to, her voice is unique and powerful and with Bocelli singing with her it is a dream team for sure. Share the video if you feel the same as me…

“The best version of The Prayer that I’ve heard. Foster is amazing on the piano. Playing for his wife & friend. The harmonies between Andrea & Katharine are phenomenal!”

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