“You Will Always Be My Baby” by Alan Jackson is the perfect song for a wedding

Just when you think country music is gone and then you see this performance… Just WoW!

Alan executes a moving composition of “You Will Be My Baby” and “Drive” for his beloved daughters.

We all know that the most emotional lyrics exist in western and country music and Alan Jackson over here took the country music to another level.

At the 56th annual ACM Awards, Jackson opened his performance with his hit song “Drive”. This song is a dedication to his father.

Alan didn’t stop there, he continued by singing his new tune, “You Will Always Be My Baby”, he’s a real family man who speaks and sings proudly about them. This hit was performed to prove the love he got for his daughters.

From there the emotions started to build up as he sang some lyrics like “Seems like yesterday you were just a girl, skinned knees, climbing trees, all those memories so close to me.” These words just put tears in the eyes of a lot of fathers.

Filled with emotions, Jackson completes his performance with his habitual style and modesty. Country music will always be alive and present throughout all generations.

Thanks to artists like Alan Jackson we all can be sure country music will never die. One of a class act!

I’m advising all the young artists to watch the video below and take notes from this guy, he is the definition of country music.