Carrot Bacon: a vegan recipe Makes a mom so famous

If you are looking for a substitute for your bacon, then you are in the right place. Following Tabitha Brown’s recipe, you will have the tastiest carrot bacon of all time. This is by far the best carrot bacon recipe I’ve ever seen.

There are plenty of plant-based bacon alternative recipes however, there is nothing like Tabitha’s carrot bacon recipe formula.

Tabitha Brown didn’t have any problem becoming vegan, on the contrary, the change worked finely for her. Now she is trying her best to use her experience to teach other vegans how to make the tastiest food, as well as this carrot bacon recipe which tastes exactly like ordinary bacon.

The video below contains her recipe, she started by peeling the carrots into long, thin strips. Then she soaks the carrots into a mix of garlic, paprika, liquid smoke, and pepper for a couple of minutes. Last but not least she put the carrots in an air fryer.

The outcome is insane, it looks exactly like bacon, same crunch and same deliciousness and it is too easy to make.

Tabitha uses the carrot bacon in a wrap recipe with tomato, avocado, greens, and mayo. It looks colorful and tasty at the same time! On TikTok, Tabitha Brown’s recipe reached 30 million views, and now her name and her carrot recipe are going crazy on the internet.

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