Two Dancers Stand Still On The Stage, But Their Next Move STUNNED The Crowd. UNBELIEVABLE!

When these 2 dancers stepped on stage, we knew this would be special, but never expected THIS to happen!

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What amazes me the most about acrobatic dancing is not really the mind-blowing dance moves or the athletic skills of Valeriy and Yulia, it’s the level of trust she must have in her dancing partner to do stunts like this. You’ll have to watch the video to see what we mean.

As poetic as their dance is, and set to this music it indeed feels like the most sensual thing a couple can do with their clothes on, but when Valeriy threw his pint-sized partner in the air with no safety measures except his own arms, that’s the moment your heart will beat the fastest.

Wow!!! very very touching, shiver down my spine!!!