Two curious otters meeting children for the first time

In Tokyo, Japan, there are two small-clawed otters named Kotaro and Hana living happily with their loving owner. These two are extremely charming and everyone wants to meet them. However, today they are going to witness the most surprising visit ever.

The owner’s friend is visiting with his wife and kids today, the otters are upstairs however they were curious to see who came to visit them.

So they were on their way downstairs when they saw a little boy named Kohaku peeking at them from the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly the boy returned to the living room and left the otters on the stairs surprised to see a new face in the house.

The curiosity of the two otters rushed them downstairs to meet Kohaku. The little boy immediately started talking with Hana and Kotaro and returned to where his brothers were sitting. However, the two otters followed him.

This is when the parents get the chance to meet Kotaro and Hana then they introduced their little girl Iroha to them. The two brothers were thrilled to see Kotaro and Hana, but the otters locked their eyes on the little baby sitting on the couch.

Also, Iroha herself was curious about the two little animals wandering around the living room while her two brothers played with the otter’s toys. The most surprising thing was that the little baby wanted to play with Kotaro and Hana.

With time passing, the kids became more relaxed around the otters however Kotaro and Hana were still amazed by these little visitors.