This decent judge gives a bitter Dog Abuser the ideal punishment for her misconduct.

In Painesville, Ohio, this judge takes his job to a whole new level while giving sentences to these lawbreakers in court, he prefers to come up with references that he thinks up himself to apt the specific crime as perfectly as possible.

The judge at each time he tries to assure that the criminals feel wrong and guilty in their actions to allow them to be corrected appropriately. He for sure takes justice very Personally. We can see him in the video below giving a sentence for a woman charged with animal cruelty.

The woman named Alyssa Morrow was charged with leaving her dog, Moose trapped inside her house for a whole week, with no supervision. Besides, the house was really dirty and in bad condition.

People who saved Moose were shocked by what they saw. The dog was thirsty and really weak, starving and his hair started to fall off.

To punish her for this wicked crime, rather than giving her a short sentence in prison he decided to give her a taste of her own medicine and sentenced her to community service in a filthy dumping ground.

We need more judges like this. One who doesn’t want to destroy lives. Choosing appropriate consequences with their crimes, and still showing that we have a choice. That’s real rehabilitation.

Watch this video and let us know what you think about this sentence?