Drill Instructor Lesson: How to Make a Military-Style Bed

This is hilarious, a Drill Instructor teaches a journalist how to make a bed in a minute.

In the U.S marines the drill instructors must be severe, always screaming and shouting and most of all he got to be mean at any cost, this is how he can correct and discipline anyone he stands in front of. Unlucky for this reporter she witnessed the experience directly on the base when she went to interview sergeant Ryan Granados.

At the marine corps recruit depot Parris Island, Ryan is a senior drill instructor. He used to order recruits to do anything without any complaints from them.

Unfortunately for a Staten Island reporter named Amanda Steen, she faced him in his territory without any warning.

New recruits start easy, the first thing they learn is how to make your bed. You must be thinking that we all learn doing it since childhood however it is nothing like what sergeant Ryan teaches the new recruits and Amanda in the video below. He shouts every order with a severe tone at the poor reporter.

Granados even obliged her to say “Aye, Sir” whenever he ordered her to do something. However, he can’t help himself but smile while he orders her to do the bed. In the end, Amanda didn’t make the bed specifically like Ryan told her but they clearly had fun doing it.