Brave Man Risk his Life and Dives into Flooded Waters to make this Remarkable Rescue!

Another great example of “not all heroes wear capes” God bless these people and those horses…

Texas, especially Houston has recently been swept by a series of deadly floods due to inordinately high rainfall.
The historic floods were taking lives and displacing hundreds. In a time of such turmoil, one would expect that there are forgotten casuals like pets and animals. Not in this case. Cypress Trails Equestrians owner has 75 horses, 70 of them escaped during the tumultuous flooding.

What you’re about to see is footage from a heroic rescue mission. Men and women risked their lives to safely bring back a group of horses that were moments from meeting a tragic fate. Groups of men and women dove into the unstable waters and retrieved each horse one by one. It was definitely a sight to be seen.

There are still people with good hearts on this earth.

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