The Guy At The Piano Started Singing THIS Adele Song. But When His Friend Joined In, I LOST It!

Adele is one of the most incredible singers of our time. Her voice is powerful and truly a pleasure to listen to. Many artists have tried to copy her, but not many become successful in doing her justice. However, the two incredible guys featured in the video below are a totally different story. Irish lads, Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard, made a piano-accompanied medley that has been taking the internet by storm lately.

Source: Youtube

Murphy went on social media and asked everyone to pass the link along to Adele. His idea worked since the singer pulled them onstage at her Dublin concert and thanked them for performing her song “so beautifully.” The duet arrangement includes Adele classics

Source: Youtube

“Someone Like You”, “Hello”, “All I Ask”, and “When We Were Young.” This will leave you speechless!

I’m so glad people are finally realizing the talent over here! You guys rock!

OH MY!! Those voices are strong and beautiful separated, but more than amazing when combined. When I watched the video I cried like a baby hahaha. Success to you guys!

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