This policeman bravely saves a little girl, after twenty years, and at her wedding, he is the guest of honor.

After twenty years, a Policeman received a call from a young lady. she’s calling him to invite him to her wedding… the reason why? so touching story…

Law enforcement will consistently be a subject of thousands of different points of view, however, there is not much to talk about when somebody needs assistance. They will always follow their duty and come to the rescue, by helping every party involved in the situation. Every hour that passes, these guys have done their most to endorse the law. In today’s case, it is so much different.

This little baby named Shammarah was in great danger. Her father was scared to death, she was literally dying. She wasn’t able to breathe and her dad did everything he could to help his poor baby but it’s useless. However one police officer was a few blocks away, he heard the call and went straight to that little girl’s house.

As soon as he arrived, the policeman found the two pressed together. The father had been giving the baby CPR until the officer’s arrived. Officer Barca figured that this wasn’t helping at all so he made sure to remove any obstacles that may cause a problem in her airway by flipping this poor girl over and upside down, hitting her back, and ejecting a chunk of mucus.

Finally, shammarah could able to breathe again and quickly took her to the nearest hospital. On their way, the little girl felt just fine and there is no worries about her. That day left everybody in a dither. Barca recalls that day a little differently, it is the “ highlight of his career” as he said.

After twenty years, the hero officer received a call from Shammarah. She became a fine young lady and she’s calling him to invite him to her wedding.

So touched… we need all cops to live up to this hero.

I advise you to not miss this wonderful story of a young life saved and a lifetime friendship born. Just click the video and try not to cry.