This little kid gives his Christmas List to the Silent Marine. Now Wait for The Marine’s Reaction…

In the last 240 years, US Marine Corps has been a sign of pride and dignity for our nation. They have offered a big deal for their countrymen, and everyone looks upon them with distinction and regard.

These brave men and women are known for their fearlessness but they seem not given the credit they deserve by doing heroic things outside of fighting in the name of our country.

They surely have a soft spot for children and do the most to help them all around the world. As you can see in today’s video the example is clear as day.

Major Bill Hendricks founded Toys For Tots in 1947. He was determined to give toys to the poor children, however, his great idea spread quickly across all the country. The event has gotten bigger year by year, and over the years more and more people have donated. At this time of the year, Toys For Tots needs our donations badly.

In 1997, with this exemplary Christmas commercial entitled “Guard Duty”, a cute little boy head towards a stoic Marine on duty. Although Marines are known to be strict and don’t break attention ever, the reaction of this specific soldier is unbelievable. Just watch and tell us what you think of this Marine.