Simon Cowell didn’t believe his eyes when this 14-year-old girl sings to Aretha Franklin

“Britain’s Got Talent” is a famous show gained popularity all around the world and one of the show judges is Simon. He is always worried when a candidate chooses a difficult song to perform on stage.

However this girl is going to be the exception on this show, Destiny Chukunyere is 14 years old when she got on stage at first she was anxious and shy. when asked what singers she liked, Destiny replied that she admires Aretha Franklin and Beyonce. And she told the judges that she is going to sing “Think” to Aretha Franklin.

Simon suspiciously looked at her and asked her “confident?” to which she replied, “not at the moment but when I sing I am a different person.”

The judges were stunned as soon as Destiny started singing. The resemblance between her voice and Aretha’s is insane. Simon and the other judges were looking at her speechlessly listening to her incredible voice.

On top of having an amazing voice, her presence on stage was phenomenal also. Destiny danced while singing a difficult song.

At the end of her performance, the entire crowd as well as the judges gave her a standing ovation. Then the camera zoomed to her grandma who came with her and she was so happy for her.

The four judges approved that Destiny move to the next level of the competition also Simon said to her “I have waited for someone to come out and be a star and that someone is you.”

“She’s a little superstar. Her voice, her posture, her style, that hair. She’s the full package.” For a 14 yr old, she’s got a powerful and amazing voice. her energy is golden.

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