All the Judges were on their feet when this Anxious Teenager started Singing

Somer Smith is a nineteen years old singer who was thrilled to get invited to perform in the blind auditions for the voice Australia. However she was very nervous, it is the first time she had to sing in front of other people, and she is used to singing only to her family members. But today, she is going to perform in front of thousands of people and especially in front of celebrity judges like Joe Jonas, Boy George, Delta Goodrem, and Kelly Rowland.

Somer was horrified yet dedicated to winning the approval of at least one judge as she said in her interview before the audition. She performed a song called “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” which was written in 1905 by Gospel Hymn.

When she walked into the stage, everybody noticed that she was very nervous, she is literally shaking so she took a couple of seconds to calm herself down and she started singing, her voice at first was weak and soft but in the end it was magical.

After a moment of her singing, suddenly one chair turned and she was Delta Goodrem after that Boy and Kelly followed her and hit their chairs’ buttons, and shortly after, Joe Jonas joined them.

Smith’s angelic, strong voice was filling the area, as well as the sound of people applauding. She is meant to do this and that is shown in the reaction of the judges watching her singing and admiring every second of the performance.

When Somer finished, the whole crowd gave her a standing ovation. The judges were fighting for her, each one was convincing her to be on their team.

Goodrem tells her: “We’ve just discovered a star in you.” Jonas also said: “Your voice is the reason I joined this show. Right out of the gate you had a beautiful tone, and it was really strong.”

Somer was shocked, before the show she was hoping for just one chair to turn for her, but now all the judges want her on their team and she decided to be on Team Kelly.

“Absolutely STUNNING voice! OMG! Waves of goosebumps. Wow.”

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