Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty’s Grandchildren Reunited to Perform a Chilling Country Music!

You can definitely hear a bit of Conway and Loretta’s voices in both their voices. Now this is real country music, unlike what a lot of this stuff they call country music today.

There are a lot of classics in American music history. This lasting hit “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” by Conway and Loretta is definitely one of them.

This song brings the story of two love birds who live on opposite sides of the Mississippi River and they are doing their best to not let that river kill their bond.

For generations and generations, this song has been treasured by a lot of people, with these two appreciating their grandparents and delivering this great performance.

Tayla Lynn is the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn, Tre Twitty is the grandson of Conway Twitty and both of them made this magnificent cover to make their grandparents proud.

They sure got the musical genes passed from their grandparents, they sing just like Conway and Loretta did.

You both made your grand parents very proud! This is how country music needs to sound today. Great job!

From Ashland City, Tennessee the grandchildren perform live with the exact same country flow that their grandparents used a decade ago and this song will definitely take you back in time.

There is no better feeling in this world than two grandchildren honoring their grandparents by performing their old songs together.