You will not Believe what These 2 Strangers Did at Walmart Stores

All around the world are full of surprises and sudden acts done by strangers. However, do you want to know what really happened in this particular store?

Walmart is in Alpharetta, Georgia, united states. It was a normal day and Casandra Turner was always doing her courses, walking and humming to herself in the food aisle of the store.

Also in the same store, a man named Donnell Cross heard her and fronted her to start a friendly conversation, jokingly this conversation will start a beautiful act.

Cross asked Casandra: “Do you know ‘If This World Were Mine’?” and she said yes, this is where Donnell started singing the lyrics of that song.

Surprisingly, she didn’t hold herself and started to sing with him, and then Donnell backed off to let her show us her beautiful voice.

It is a splendid performance by both of them even the shoppers stopped to admire their voices. It is a perfect musical jam by two Walmart customers.

“Man, they sound like the original singers.. they smashed that! That’s so amazing how they had such chemistry…”

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