Rainer Hersch and A Spanish Soprano Leaves The Crowd Breathless With an Astonishing Performance.

During a live performance, the orchestra conductor Rainer Hersch allows concert-goers to get the best of a hilarious stand-up show and a classical concert.

A classical Spain soprano Laura Ruhi Vidal charmed audiences with a spine-chilling rendition of the famous song from the hit television series, Star Trek. She traveled all the way from Spain to London to join Hersch on stage.

In order to loosen the audience up and shines the spotlight on Vidal, Rainer Hersch tells a few jokes. After a short period of time, the gifted soprano starts singing. Her mastery of classical vocals, combined with a soulful melodic voice mesmerized the entire theater.

That is not a parody. That is the original series theme, sung correctly. The audience was all surprised, and they couldn’t help but the road with applause.

What an outstanding performance! I got goosebumps all over!