This basic candy container will turn your room into something sweet

This is a candy dispenser made with wood and a mason jar. Perfect for skittles and candies, your kids will love it!

It’s getting more usual to enter someone’s house and find a bowl of sweets in the kitchen or living room. By following this easy DIY trick on creating your candy dealer.

The best part is that you don’t need too many items to get a final result. You’ll need wood, wood glue, a mason jar, a few power tools, and your favorite tasty candy.

The video shows you step-by-step guidance on how you get the final product. This is the perfect way to keep your children busy and to have a cool sweets dispenser.

To complete this masterpiece you only need one hour of your time. Also if you want, you can personalize the wood by painting it. What is your favorite candy? I’m thinking about filling it with some tasty stuff.

This is a great tutorial going to try this!

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