Carol Burnett Show: The Mop Lady Sketch

Nothing can surpass Mop Lady on “The Carol Burnett Show”. It’s outstanding!

Everyone loves The Carol Burnett Show because it offers pure comedy and it features a lot of talented comedians.

Carol played so many roles and characters on the show, the most famous role were Charwoman. She uses this character only in musical bits. Also, she appeared to play The Chairwoman on different other shows such as Sesame Street and The Muppets.

In September 1967, the first episode of The Carol Burnett Show was aired on CBS channel and the final one was aired in march 1978. In total there are 279 episodes. However, the show came back again with only 9 more episodes in 1991 before stopping for good.

Carol is so talented and you can easily see that by how many awards she collected over her whole career. Even the show won 25 primetime Emmy Awards and was ranked by TV Guide as number 17 out of 60 of the Greatest Shows of All Time. The show was counted on Time’s list of Best TV Shows as well.

However the Carol Burnett Show was not the first on the list to be aired by the channel of CBS, back then producers told her only men are allowed to host these kinds of shows. So Carol found a clause in her contract to oblige the executives at CBS to let her be the host.

That one shot made the Carol Burnett Show the first comedy show hosted by a woman and CBS was gladly ready to back her up.

When the show was aired for the first time, it got so many viewers from all over the country and the channel was praised by everyone.

The show turned out to be a masterpiece, a timeless gem that we cannot forget. The show was filled with a lot of hilarious skits and she managed to play a bunch of different characters with ease and confidence.