Carol Burnett Show: This Betty White Scene is Pure Nostalgia

When you see Carol Burnett and Betty White in a video you start to feel really nostalgic

The Carol Burnett Show represented the superstar Betty White in a clip about a class reunion of senior women. In the skit, they sure look old however the singing and the comedy are on point.

The video starts with a sign written on it “Class Of 1932 Waxahachie University.” In the room, there is an empty long table and then Carol in the role of “Latisha” enters the room.

Carol began to look around the room looking very baffled. Suddenly, another woman named Fanny played by Betty White steps in and shouts “Latisha?” Carol immediately answered, “You don’t have to shout.”

The two of them are sitting on opposite sides of the long table communicating by shouting out loud and this scene is completely hilarious. Latisha tried to walk toward Fanny to hug her but ended up rocking back and forth until she reached her.

Eventually, they hugged and sat next to each other talking about some memories, and that time they cheered for a football match at college. Surprisingly they were wearing their cheerleader’s uniforms under their coats.

They sang the whole old-school cheering song. After a minute they stopped singing feeling tired and beat up. However, they started to sing again a sincere song name “ready to begin again”.

The two old ladies were talking about wigs on their nightstand and their teeth in a glass beside their bed. In the end, the song gave them hope to continue dancing and cheering using their pom-poms when Latisha said “Let’s try that sucker again!”