Colombian Officers endanger their lives to rescue a poor dog drowning in a flood

After receiving a help call these Colombian troopers arrived immediately to save a helpless dog stuck in a flood. The dog was clueless and didn’t know how to get out, fortunately, they came to the help in no time or the worse could have happened.

The Colombian police shared this chilling video and the content of it is so distressing. A river was flooded and overflowing with intense water currents, and it was a dangerous operation to help the poor puppy. Also, the officers admitted that it was unsafe and a bold move, yet they were certain to save that dog’s life no matter what.

A long minutes into the action, they managed to get a hand on the dog and pull him out of the flood and begin to give him CPR quickly. Unbelievably, the dog was saved and thanks to the hero of the Colombian police he was able to live another day.

Here’s to some exceptional and very risky, public service. Don’t miss this nerve-racking video below. Unbelievable!

Thank you very much for your bravery in saving the dog. this video is spreading around the world now on all major news channels.

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