Carol Burnett Show: Don Rickles’s Shoe Store

In this scene from « The Carol Burnett Show » Harvey Korman and Don Rickles couldn’t hold their laugh in the Shoe Store clip.

The clip is called “The Shoe Store”, it opens up with Don Rickles shouting at a woman to leave his store immediately. Saying “You don’t need a shoe store. You need a blacksmith!” then the store owner played by Harvey Korman steps up and tried to fire him but Don apologized and gave his word to be calm and respectful to customers, so he got a second chance from his boss Harvey.

That’s when an awful customer played by Nanette Fabray walked into the shoe store and started to get on Don’s nerves.

There is a bunny shoe on sale at the store that Rickles tried so hard to sell to her but she didn’t want anything with that shoe. Then she enjoyed evening shoes and started to tell Don an obnoxious long boring story.

After that she said “You don’t have to measure me. I’m a five triple-A.” so he walks up a ladder to bring the ideal pair for her, however, she didn’t buy the shoes, and also she commented about how shiny Don’s bald head is.

The crowd lost it when she said “What goes with burgundy?” he answered furiously, “Cheese!” then whenever she turns her back he acts like he was about to choke her to death, yet he calm himself down. After that, it seems like he is having a hard time taking the woman’s old shoe off, he tried to pull it so hard that he ended up falling off the chair.

Don says, “The last time you wore a five triple-A lady was in baby booties!” She replies, “I happen to have tiny feet.” Don says, “Tiny feet? The last time I saw a foot like yours, a bear was attached to it!” Don couldn’t hold his anger anymore and started to scream at her while she is leaving. During his furious act, his Boss Harvey Korman was behind him listening to everything, he fired him on the spot.

Don got nothing to lose anymore, he attacked his boss tearing the flower off Harvey’s jacket. “Savage!” says Korman, you can see from don’s face how surprised he was by that and says “Where does it say he has the line, savage?” and both men started laughing uncontrollably.

Both of them were laughing and covering their faces from the crowd, however, this kind of scene is what makes “The Carol Burnett Show” so iconic and memorable.