Carol Burnett Show: When Tim Conway Destroys his Castmates

For 5 minutes straight Tim Conway obliges actors to go out of character on the Carol Burnett Show

This show is still and always going to be the show you want to watch if you are looking for a laugh! In the video below, you can hear even the studio audience babbling. Also, the actors couldn’t hold their laughs as Tim Conway made the most hilarious improvise of all time.

Tim just came up with an out-of-contest story about a circus elephant while the other actors such as Dick Van Dyke, Vicky Lawrence, and Carol Burnett are trying to keep it together and holding their smiles by covering their faces with their hands.

In this clip, the family was trying to play the game “Password”, Tim Conway was playing a character named Mickey Hart. And Mickey in this clip felt impelled to inform them about a story of a circus elephant.

At the beginning of the video, Tim was just telling them that an elephant and a trainer fell in love together and at the end of their lives they were buried in the same grave. At that point all the actors in the room are laughing in tears and covering their faces, trying so hard to stay focused.

In the middle of the clip, Tim found another story to tell and this time the story is about 2 twin elephants whose trunks are stuck together. And at this point, Conway himself couldn’t hold his laughter.

The fact that the actors are barely breathing made Carol Burnett not able to say her line and she was forced to pass the turn of the game to Vicky Lawrence as “Mama”. Vicky immediately responds with a funny restricted joke. That’s when the crowd burst out laughing and you can see Dick falling off the couch.

The crazy thing is in an interview later, Carol confessed that none of the stories was rehearsed before and it was the first time that the actors had heard them. Conway’s improvisation led to an iconic scene full of laughter.