This is a video on how to easily make a beautiful sock cat

Do you had or seen a sock monkey before? It is a brown and white stuffed monkey that everyone loved. However, in this video, we are creating a sock cat dedicated personally to cat lovers.

Follow this video to learn how to make the perfect and cute sock cat.


● 1 pair of socks (men’s size large – traditional brown and white speckled looks best)

● Yarn

● Stuffing

● Buttons

● Fabric Glue

● Optional Embellishments

First, you need to turn the sock inside out with the heel facing up. measure 3” from the heel and mark a line going parallel to the end of the sock. After you need to make a capital T by drawing another line from the open side of the sock that is perpendicular to the first line. By doing that you can see the two legs of the cat.

Stitch a hem 1/8” from the open edge. Stop at the first line and tie off your thread. Repeat for the other leg and follow the video step by step.

Now draw another line parallel to your first line, which is only ½” away from the heel this time. Sew a hem directly on this line, leaving about an inch section in the middle, through which you’ll use to stuff the legs.

Once you’ve sewn your hems, cut along your lines. Turn your three pieces right side out again and fill them generously with your poly-fill. Hand-sew any remaining holes shut.

To create the head of the cat on the larger portion of the sock, use a small piece of the black yard to tie off a section about 4-5” down from the top of the sock. Tie it tightly and cut off the excess yard.

To make the cat’s legs, you’re going to use the same sewing, cutting, and filling techniques as before. See the tutorial for exact measurements and for how to create feet. Once done, sew the legs onto the cat.

With the remaining portion of the sock, create a tail for your cat that is about an inch wide and as long as you can make it. Fill and sew as you did for the other parts.

For the mouth of your cat, cut off the toe of the sock, leaving a little bit of the brown portion attached. Sew this onto the face of your cat.

cut triangle shapes out of the leftover portions of your sock for the ears and sews them into place. Stitch your button’s eyes on and feel free to decorate the cat with whatever you want a bow, a collar… anything you find useful.

It is a long process but it is worth it. By the end of this project, you will be looking at the most beautiful sock cat. It is without a doubt the best gift for a cat lover.