This Timelapse video of 42 thousand Jigsaw Puzzles getting Finished is tremendously Pleasing

The craze of Jigsaw puzzles is a lot of amusement. Searching for the right pieces and placing them together to complete a perfect picture. However how about a 42.000 jigsaw piece puzzle, it must be really challenging.

If you are looking for an exciting puzzle, you only going to look for the ones with 1.000 or 2.000 pieces and those alone can take a long time to finish. In the video below, the puzzle is named “Around the World”. It is the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world.

From the start of the video, we can see a man putting down bags of the puzzle and separating them into a line, and organizing them by colors.

At first, he begins by completing the exterior border of the puzzle. After that, he put together tiny sections all over the image, and suddenly we are starting to observe some famous buildings as he completes the jigsaw puzzle.

This guy has so much patience. A jigsaw puzzle is not easy, especially with all of those pieces. Amazing!

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