It’s a long Day in Traffic and this dude starts Singing and all People were Speechless!

When you are on your way to work and you get stuck in a long traffic line in the morning, it is surely guaranteed to mess up your whole mood. So what you are going to need is simple, just open the radio and try to sing along or listen to something to cool you off until you reach your destination.

However, if you manage to get a friend with you to sing, or if you are lucky enough TJ Smith will pass by your car rolling down his window singing his heart out. You can see there are some short-tempered drivers who try to ignore him, but the majority of people are very eager to sing with him.

“I love these videos! We need more people like you in this world. Spreading joy and causing smiles in such a harmless way using a platform everyone can understand! Music is magical.”

“I watch this at least once a month. Need more guys like TJ and more highway singalongs like this. Every time I’m in a bad mood, I instantly feel better when watching this. Two total strangers who will probably never meet having a connection and just enjoying and seizing the moment making each other feel great and forgetting about anything bothering me. These are the kinds of videos that make people smile.”

Don’t hesitate to spread the joy with your friends and family!