This “Unchained Melody” cover by Maxi Borgaro is mind-blowing

Covering Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, Maxi Borgaro puts on a great rendition for everyone to remember.

They called him Elvis Argentino, Maxi earned this name by singing « Always on My Mind » the song of the legend Elvis Presley.

Maxi has a powerful and unique singing voice making him « The Argentinian Elvis ». He’s also very known by mostly female fans and with killing his cover of a classic like « always on my mind » by Elvis Presley.

But, the one song that made him famous and known all around the world is « Unchained Melody » by The Righteous Brothers. His voice in this song is so soothing.

Today, Maxi is playing and touring more and no one is disappointed by his performance. His voice and presence on the stage show that he got what it takes to shine.

Borgaro always makes sure that every show he performs stays printed in the memory of his fans. You got to see one by yourself if you want.

I love this song, Maxi did an amazing job, such a fantastic voice!

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