This father sings National Anthem, Yet his Baby daughter steals the Spotlight with her Extraordinary Execution

Her dad begin singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and his baby daughter got enthralled and started singing the national anthem.

As soon as she heard her father sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”, she instantly tagged along and gave her daddy a beat to follow. When her father outreached the climax of the National Anthem, she let his nationalism flow through her.

You can see in the video, this little star smiling and thrillingly dancing in her highchair. From the start of the song, his daughter rejoin him. She reaches those high notes and displays how much she adores it with her whole little body. It is a very lovable pair.

When her dad sings “And the rockets’ red glare…” his daughter looks like a full-time singer the way she throws her tiny arms up in the air and dances to the rhythm. You can clearly see the enthusiasm all over her cute little face.

This twosome of the US National Anthem is so charming that a lot of people are listening and watching. It’s true that little kids love to sing, they like it when people sing and perform to them. This is the only reason why cradle songs work so well. On top of that, she encourages them to talk.

We all know that “ The Star-Spangled Banner” is not a traditional lullaby however it flickers a tremendous response from this little girl. Without a doubt, she knows the song very well. It’s obvious that her father sings the song to her all the time. Every time her favorite part came up she throws her arms wide and screams cute baby sounds.

This cute baby girl is keeping along through the entire song. She truly has some artistic gifts and is a natural music lover. I encourage her father to keep singing for his little daughter. So she will carry on to astonish us.

When she raised her hands in the air and lifts her body……priceless.

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