Pineapple pie: The Famous Johnny Cash’s Recipe!

In reality, this isn’t Johnny Cash’s recipe, but it was his mama’s. Nothing is more delicious than Johnny Cash’s mother’s pineapple pie.

Following an old recipe or even creating something new can end up having a tasty dish or dessert. However, if you are a pie lover then you have to make Johnny Cash’s mom’s mouth-watering pineapple pie.

Johnny cash was a supreme country music artist and his mother was Cassie Cloveree she was a fantastic cook who collected all her recipes and gave them to her nephew’s wife so they could keep making some delicious meals.

Today, there is a book called Favorite Recipes From Mama Cash’s Kitchen. In this book, there is the pineapple pie recipe and it’s so easy to make. Everyone is able to do it, just need the things you already got in your pantry and you are ready to go.

To make your base, you can buy a ready-to-use crust from a store or you can make it at home.

The recipe is very adaptable, you can do it yourself, using a hand mixer or a stand mixer. This pie is so delicious and refreshing, everyone should try it.

Don’t hesitate to share Mama Cash’s favorite recipe with your beloved ones…