This cover of “In the Arms of The Angel” by Pink and Sarah McLachlan is totally amazing.

A perfect masterpiece by Sarah McLachlan and Pink. By performing this song their voices come together flawlessly giving us raw talent. The song is written by Sarah McLachlan, and for 29 weeks it stayed on Billboard’s top 100 this day it’s still one of the best songs.

Since her debut multi-platinum smash hit “Surfacing” in 1997 Sarah sold 40 million records, and despite her amazing piano skills, she is also a brilliant guitarist.

We have also Alecia Moore aka Pink, she became famous in 2001 after performing “Lady Marmalade”, she is known for her strong and charismatic voice.

The sad song has a deeper meaning that most of the fans don’t know about, Sarah wrote the song as a homage to her Keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin who died in 1996 from a heroin overdose. Also, the “Angel” in this song represents the drugs that an addict frequently gives into.

Their performance is unbelievable, the two of them have different voices but they sing perfectly together. Sarah as always is a beast when it comes to range however Pink got the harmony.

It’s an extraordinary song performed by two of the best artists of our generation. An emotional song that will leave you with teary eyes.

“I absolutely love these two together, Sarah has such a smooth melody in her voice and pink just gives me goosebumps.”

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