If you’re having a bad day, this video will brighten your mood.

In the video below adults get the chance to see themselves as toddlers and it’s hilarious.

The first thing they did is unleash all their dancing skills, just look at them looking all cute and adorable.

You can see in the video a normal busy day and adults are walking by in the street to see themselves in a window reflection as little babies. Of course, the first thing to come to any adult’s mind is to dance and the outcome is hysterical.

The cutest scene is at the end when a senior citizen was walking her dog and suddenly detected the store window. Immediately she turned into a little baby girl. Just watch how cute this is, I want to try this badly.

Surprisingly this experiment or this «magical window» is a way to sell water. Evian and in 1935 was selected as the best water to give to your baby because of its «pH-neutral mineral composition» and to this day Evian is still the number one water that all mothers choose to give to their babies.

Without a doubt this is by far the best commercial I have seen on the internet, it’s full of fun and happiness. The video has been shared and viewed thousands of times. Come on and watch it yourself and see what others are saying about these dancing babies.