It took her weeks for this Talented young lady to paint her own prom dress by herself.

From the Philippines, this artist shook the world when she decided to hand garnish her prom dress, her skills are unbelievable.

Ciara wanted her prom dress to be on point, and what better to do that unless you do it yourself. So this teen artist took the matters into her own hands.

The result was splendid, she made the dress exactly the way she wanted it. The hand-painted tiger lilies are inspired by one of her favorite novels of the same name and the dark emerald of the fabric was chosen due to her avid Harry Potter obsession.

So in the end Ciara Gan made a completely insane dress that people from all over the world are noticing her skills. After prom, the young artist made a name for herself and appeared on a lot of shows and interviews in the Philippines.

Most definitely will be seeing her name in the future fashion world…you did awesomely!! Very talented and beautiful young lady!

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